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Dave  Godowsky
Audio Archives: Live at WUMB
Dave Godowsky
recorded on March 6, 2020

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Tall Heights, April 25th, 2015

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"You are my wonderful commuting companion."
Alice, Winchester, MA
"I love WUMB. I'd hate to lose the best radio station in the country."
Alorie, Sudbury, MA
"Youíre the only reason my commute into Boston is bearable."
Amy, Watertown MA
"When I'm in sorrow, WUMB gives me joy; When I'm in joy, WUMB gives me more of the same."
Anara, Auburndale MA
"What we're doing on air, no one else is doing."
Andy, Waltham, MA
"Ari has pledged because the UMassBoston Chancellor has said the number of pledges is important."
Ari, Cambridge, MA
"Station keeps me sane at work."
Carol, Staten Island, MA
"Listening online all the way from Homer, AK!"
Caroline, Homer AK
"It's great to hear Marilyn again and to have Perry join the gang. They both feel like natural parts of the mix."
Charles, Northborough, MA
"Like the fact that you play music we don't normally get to hear and you are not run by a corporation."
Cheryl, North
"I am a SAMW alum and make this donation in honor or Dick Pleasants."
Cornelius, Wethersfield, CT
"Thank you. I can't imagine life without WUMB."
Crandall, Hamilton, MA
"I underappreciated how special and unique WUMB is until recently."
Cynthia, Vinyard Haven, MA
"I've enjoyed WUMB for several years since I first discovered you guys on line. My musical tastes are very diverse, but your offerings are still my favorites. I've been a WUMB free-loader for too long...I guess the trial period is over! Keep up the great work you do, and thank you!"
Da and Patti, Owego, NY
"I really like the quality of the shirt I won a while back!"
Dale, Hull, MA
"Listens every morning so she figures it was time to pledge."
Diane, Worcester, MA
"My favorite shows are really the regular Music mix shows (Dick, Marilyn, etc.) WUMB is hands down the best radio station between my native Denmark and my, by now, permanent home in Minnesota. I'm happy to renew my membership for the 9th year."
Ditlev and Susan, Winona, MN
"The station is a respite and a sanctuary from all the other "static" on the air."
Elizabeth, Brookline, MA
"Considers WUMB a "folkie haven"--it's where she goes for great folk music."
Elizabeth, Cambridge, MA
"You guys rock! Some of my favorite, most peaceful moments are when I'm in the kitchen, a pot simmering on the stove, a cup of tea in hand, listening to WUMB. Thank you!"
Elizabeth, East Falmouth, MA
"Lots of new discoveries and uplifting, fresh ideas and music with a good mix of older songs."
Frank, Winthrop, MA
"Loves finding our station when he travels for work."
Gary, Saugus, MA
"So few shows with such an eclectic, international mix! This show has won me over time and again."
George, Wellfleet MA
"We lived in Boston from 1985-1998 and developed a connection with WUMB. We have been in Nova Scotia since then and I am now listening to the station every day while I work."
Hal, Stillwater Lake, CANADA
"The music is so good I can throw away the rest of my music library."
Harry, North Brookfield MA
"Really enjoy starting the day off with Writer's Almanac."
James, none noted
"I love what WUMB brings to my world here in Florida."
James, Sarasota FL
"Say HI to Dick--SAM-W changed my life."
Janet, Natick, MA
"It makes sense that Boston has a station like this. We need to do everything to keep it on the air!"
Jeff, Cambridge MA
"Who needs iTunes when you have WUMB"
Jim, Byfield, MA
"I couldnít live without WUMB at work or on the road."
Joe, E. Falmouth MA
"WUMB is head & shoulders above any other radio station in the area."
John, Arlington, Ma
"30-year listener in my art studio, listen all day."
Joseph, Dorchester, MA
"I love WUMB and listen all the time. It's the only station of its kind for an old folkie like me. I'm so grateful to get your station."
Judith, Wellfleet, MA
"2nd generation supporter--not enough words of praise for what Marcia does."
Judy and Norman, Lee, MA
"You guys get me through my day."
Julie, Davis CA
"I just moved to town and I was looking for a radio station....then I found you today and I had to donate! You are great!"
Kelly, Cannon
"Thanks for opening up a whole new world of music."
Lee, Dedham MA
"Keep up the good work--playing music you don't hear anywhere else."
Louise, Ipswich,MA
"I found you recently, but wish I had been listening for years."
Margaret, Medford MA
"I leave the radio tuned to WUMB. Iíd be bereft if you werenít on the air."
Mark, Dorchester MA
"Like the station--found it a few months ago and really like it."
Mark, Portsmouth, NH
"Main reason for becoming a member: to set seats for Brother Sun!!"
Mary, Chelmsford, MA
"Loves our station--doesn't think any other station has our quality."
Melissa, Bellingham, MA
"I canít listen to commercial radio anymore, you have spoiled me!"
Michael, Falmouth MA
"The music you play is life's blood for my soul."
Michael, Silver Springs, MD
"Thank you for making my time in the car so pleasant."
Nancy, Waltham, MA
"I love your station. You keep my sanity!"
Patricia, West Wareham MA
"WUMB is an oasis in a crazy world, and warms my heart and brightens my day. All true! I was inspired to donate by Dave Palmater."
Paula, Boston
"I would sit out in my car to listen when I couldnít get reception in the house."
Paula, Sandwich MA
"You have a great station. I work with my headphones on and listen to you."
Philip, Minneapolis MN
"Keeps the station on "streaming" at their house--greatly appreciate it!"
Phoebe, Santa Fe, NM
"I love the mix of blues and folk. The selection within these genres are just right on for me."
Rachel, Exeter NH
"Just love that traditional Celtic music!"
Rob, Lynn MA
"I've been introduced to many great musicians by listening to WUMB. I have you on all day at work anbd can't imagine my radio life without WUMB."
Robert, Waltham, MA
"A huge blues folk fan. New listener--found WUMB by accident two weeks ago. It's really refreshing to hear so much original stuff you just can't get anywhere else. I didn't have to be sold--let's fund this! I only wish I could give more,"
Ryan, Shrewsbury, MA
"Used to lisrten 20 years ago and has come back--enjoys "Dave & Dick"."
Sandy, Brookfield, VT
"My Netflix subscription is $116.98/month, and I think that's reasonable. Since I listen to you more, it only seems fair to give you something similar."
Sarah, Spencer, MA
"I listen on the web and WUMB is terrific. I wish we had one like WUMB in the D.C. area."
Steve, Bethesda MD
"WUMB is such a unique station. Folk music is hard to find anywhere else! We are very lucky to have access to it, in traditional form and all its new incarnations. Thank you."
Sue, Stoughton, MA
"I was instantly hooked! There is nowhere else in the UK for this music!"
Tamise, United Kingdom
"Itís a total breath of fresh air."
Terry, Parker CO
"As a songwriter I love listening to other songwriters. You are the only station I listen to."
Trish, Northborough MA
"She is a visiting nurse and in her car all day so she's grateful for all the good music."
Vickie, Canton, MA
"I like Downeast, Traditional Folk and Celtic Twilight (disapointed about the time move). My best to Marsha!"
Victor, Jackson, NJ
"I was in a Boston hospital for most of 1998 and could listen to WUMB there and loved it. Now I have a computer and you are on at least 6 hours a day at all hours (love Saturday night, early Sunday morning). So I'm going to drop off $20 each month."
William, Warren, RI
"Panicked when she couldn't find Marcia on Saturday night--checked website--delighted to have found her still on, on Sundays."
Yvonne, Hyde Park, MA
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