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Dave  Godowsky
Audio Archives: Live at WUMB
Dave Godowsky
recorded on March 6, 2020

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Online Listening Help

After more than a decade of service to the internet listening public, Live365 has ceased operations. WUMB had a great relationship with Live365 over the years, and we're sorry to see them go.

However, as times change we must change, and we have moved our streaming services to a different company, another leader in the industry, "Streamguys". No change comes without effort, and Live365, Streamguys, our Webmaster Robert Tobey, our Director of IT Rob Landry and our Director of Engineering Grady Moates have expended a great deal of time and effort in an attempt to make the change as painless as possible for you, our listeners.


Now that a few weeks have passed, we've been able to gather useful information that may help you resolve issues you may experience at your end of the internet. Please scan the headings below to find suggestions for dealing with:
          •  problems with our new player links,
          •  problems with alternative programs
                   such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAmp and the like,
          •  problems with streaming receivers
                   such as Grace, Roku, Sangean, C. Crane, Ocean and the like,
   and •  other methods you can try to receive our stream.

OUR NEW PLAYERS, and how they work

Our new vendor of streaming media services, Streamguys, has developed a nifty new player that works surprisingly well on current-generation computers running current generation browsers and players. It is built using HTML5 code, which doesn't work on older machines or older browsers. Our suggestion is, if you either cannot connect at all, or after connection you experience unfortunate behavior from your machine, try upgrading your browser to one that can talk HTML5.

Older versions of Internet Explorer running on older operating systems like Vista and XP cannot be upgraded because Microsoft wants us all to own newer machines; not because they want to make more money, they really want us to be more secure in our internet computing, and the older stuff cannot be made safe in today's world. In this case, you might try installing an alternative browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, which may be able to use the HTML5 player code from Streamguys.

ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS you may have been using, or might try now

Many alternative streaming receiver players are available, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAmp, and the like. We've created a page of links to these programs HERE: Other Players. Once you have our stream playing in a player you like, you can save it as a "favorite".

If the player you want will not start using the links on the "Other Players" page, most players provide a way for you to enter the Universal Resource Locator (URL) for a stream so that it can be found and played. Providing detailed instructions for this are beyond the scope of our streaming help, but we can provide you with a URL for our stereo, high-quality stream that works in almost all cases:
You should be able to simply "copy-and-paste" it from this page right into the player's "Play URL" window.

If this link works for you, but your equipment experiences audio dropouts or freezes up, try this one for our slower, lower-bandwidth, mono stream:

There are also streaming players for the Mac world, and listeners using these fine products have reported that the direct links listed in the preceding paragraph are working for them as well.

STREAMING RECEIVERS and the databases of streams they use

Streaming media receivers, such as Grace, Roku, Sangean, Ocean, C Crane and the like do not "know", on their own, the internet address of any stream. Each manufacturer maintains its own database of streams, and we have no control over any manufacturer's database. Most of the manufacturers use their databases to steer users to streams they provide themselves, or have agreed with other organizations to provide. When a listener wants to listen to something else, these manufacturers don't make it as easy as they might.

Fortunately, most of these devices provide a method for entering a URL if a user is tenacious about discovering the method. Motivated listeners to our streams have told us of their successes, so we encourage you to try for yourself. The URL to try is:
You should be able to simply "copy-and-paste" it from this page right into the player's "Play URL" window.

If this link works for you, but your equipment experiences audio dropouts or freezes up, try this one for our slower, lower-bandwidth, mono stream:


We've found, through trial-and-error, that simply entering the URLs above into a browser's address window will frequently bring up an appropriate player and start the stream playing. Now, THAT'S EASY, if it works for you.


After you try some of the suggestions we've made on this page, let us know how it worked for you. If you find a way to solve your problem, and you think you've come up with an idea other listeners might find useful, let us know here.


We hope you will consider becoming a member (if you're not already one) to help support this service.

Streaming Help
Other Players
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